Downwinders® Claim Requirements

The Cancer Benefits Center for Downwinders® is here to help you with any documentation that is necessary to get your claim approved and paid. Whether it be identity documents, medical documents or presence documents. We have the expertise and the connections to help satisfy any requirements or deficiencies within your claim.

This is a list of some of our resources and the Downwinders® claim requirements

In order for you to obtain the award, we must show that you are an eligible beneficiary. That means we must prove who you are, as well as any others that are claiming part of the award. We need to show the relationship between you and the person who the claim is being filed on. We know exactly, by way of documents, what the particular Government agency that is administering your claim is looking for. Through our direct connection with City departments, County courthouses, State vital statistics and Federal agencies, in addition to a large network of other contacts throughout the United States, we will help you obtain those documents. 

We must prove that the individual that the claim is being filed on, was diagnosed with one of the compensable cancers or illnesses. We know which specific cancers and or illnesses are covered under the particular program that you are filing and the medical documents necessary to meet the legal requirements of your claim. If necessary, our research team can help to obtain them.  We have direct connection to Doctors, Hospitals (public and Veterans Administration Hospitals ) as well as Cancer Centers all over the United States. We also have contacts within the health insurance industry and with many employers and unions. In addition, we have under contract, cancer specialists and Oncologists that we use for expert opinion and to help win medical disputes.

We must prove that the person the claim is being filed on was present and therefore subjected to Government created exposure to radiation.  We know the legal requirements set by the United States Congress and our research team can help you obtain the necessary presence documents to meet those requirements. We have spent many years building a large network of contacts throughout City, County, State and Federal Government departments and agencies.  Our investigative team has access to local and state archives, historical societies as well as churches, fraternal organizations, utility companies and unions. In addition to hundreds of other groups and organizations throughout the United States.

We work with many different benefit programs which have different legal requirements. These programs often change when they are updated by the Federal Government. While we are not attorneys, we do have many years of experience with these programs and because we work closely with many attorneys and their law firms and by means of the federal statutes authorized by Congress, we stay current with the latest changes within these programs.  This way we make sure that you are filing the correct type of claim, under the program that will get you the largest monetary settlement.

When we help you file your claim. We make it easy for you, and you will get your settlement faster.